Policing in the US needs to be re-examined completely. killing innocent people and children routinely can’t stand as the lasting trend.
this song deals with policing. I feel like it was important to share.


I want to be a cop
can you keep your lips sealed
I think my leadership skills can turn low- level offenders into crisp
bills, you know I’ve always wanted to be a
With a uniform fit with colonists’ seams
peeing in niggas collard greens as they discuss politics of dreams this why I’ve always wanted to be a cop
so I can criminalize the gate of your stroll, the shade of mole
and take a tole
a displaced dark face is safe as an ace in the hole for a cop,
as good as I , I’ll book a guy drinking crooked I
don’t resist pudding pie, you think I won’t buy why wouldn’t I
I’m a cop
Everything you do is actionable intel
giving NSA search words wind sails, step in jail
When I’m a finally a cop
you’ll be indicted for showing PDA in a PDF
and the PDJ sold from the tvset,
chemically discourages your graffiti sketch
I’m a cop “god’s an over-advertised lie”

I’m a cop “god’s an over-advertised lie”

I’m a cop “god’s an over-advertised lie”

You’re a cop “god’s an over-advertised lie”

When I’m a cop, I’ll be like back down kids
Issuing Black Power digs at cacao nibs
cool them niggas off with a blacked out grids
when I’m a cop, I’ll have to impersonate your online paramour, across time we will share the war
between cultural anomalies seeping into the arid pore
when you’re a cop, you can torment freely, in Semi Valley
Then seize an Audi and beam proudly
turn a routine traffic stop into someone’s season finale,
when you a cop.
You can shoot a motherfucker, by the trailer park
planting evidence your defense would razor sharp
then turn around and taze a perp for blazing purp

I’m a cop

written and performed by driver.
engineered and mixed by Kenny Segal
beat by Bun/Fumitake Tamura